We enable makers in Africa to develop sustainable projects and use making to solve local challenges and create an exchange of best practices between locals.

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10 Hubs in Africa

Afrimakers will kickstart maker workshops focused on local challenges in 10 hubs around Africa who asked us to go and train them to work with young people (Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, and more ). 

14 Maker kits

Each of the ten hubs will receive a HacKidemia maker box of tools and will recruit a local team to be trained by us to organize and to run hands-on workshops in local private and public schools.

40 Maker fellowships

Maker fellowships will be offered for members of each team to go and train other hubs and makers in the region and near countries. The idea of the project is to plant the seed of local change through social entrepreneurship, digital fabrication and regional collaboration.

What’s in the box?

  • 4 Arduino, 2 Makey-Makey, 1 Raspberry Pie

  • an RFID starter kit

  • a Soldering kit useful for upcycling and building electronics 

  • 5 Humidity and Temperature sensors

  • 2 Pulse sensors, 1 Color detector sensor, 1 Carbon Monoxide sensor

  • a Camera module

  • tons of tools like LEDs, cables, batteries, bread boards, copper tape, tools pliers, scissors and alligator clips 

  • and lots of more!

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How it all started..

This year HacKIDemia organized a series of maker workshops as part of  the ‘Global Innovation Lounge’ at Re:publica conference in Berlin, a gathering of 20+ Maker hubs from all over the world: Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and 19 hubs from all over Africa (Cameroon, iLab from LiberiaiHub from Kenya,etc) were participating. After participating in our workshops they asked us to help them involve the young people from their countries in maker workshops and hands-on projects, As we wanted to build something sustainable that could be adapted to local context and needs and grow over time we decided together to do Afrimakers. See more details about how it all started here.

Group picture @Global Innovation Lounge Re: publica

Group picture @Global Innovation Lounge Re: publica

Some quotes from the teams on the ground

We are teaching people how to code, BUT we also understand that it’s not one single bullet that sorts out all our problems. You can create the software but sadly many people in this country still dont have the makes you start thinking about what a holistic solution should be for many of our problems. [...] You have to see the big picture and the many aspects that you have to address to come to a solution.
— Lukonga Lindunda, founder of Bongohive, a Technology and Innovation Hub in Zambia
See t he story  of how we met Lukonga and came up with Afrimakers idea

See the story of how we met Lukonga and came up with Afrimakers idea

My overall goal for the workshops is to imbue permanently the maker culture in many young Nigerians. I hope we can train over 1000 young Nigerians before the end of 2014. to come up with tens of innovative, cost-effective solutions such as intelligent light control, solar lamps, water purifiers, etc. for some of the Nigerian problems afore-listed. Another goal of mine is to have participants learn and make devices which largely incorporate recycled, harmless,e-waste , thus saving costs.
— Olamide Oladeji, 20 years old, Google ambassador in Universities in NIgeria
See hangout  about Afrimakers and Olamide

See hangout about Afrimakers and Olamide