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Afrimakers launch: empower young makers in Africa


Mission: Empower makers in Africa to develop sustainable projects and use critical making to solve local challenges and create an exchange of best practices between locals.

This week we kicked-off our first crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo for the Afrimakers project during the Singularity University European Summit.

Key Facts

7 hubs in Africa , 14 Maker kits, 40 Maker fellowships for local teams 

Picture from the launch at the Singularity University Summit in Budapest. 

Picture from the launch at the Singularity University Summit in Budapest. 

The idea of the project is to inspire young African makers and plant the seed of local change through social entrepreneurship, digital fabrication and regional collaboration. Each of the seven hubs will receive a HacKIDemia maker kit which consists of a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Makey-Makey and other exciting tools. A local team will then be recruited and trained by HacKIDemia to organize and run hands-on workshops in local private and public schools.

2 Hubs got funded, help us fund the rest by sharing the campaign with your friends

Image from HacKIDemia workshops.

Image from HacKIDemia workshops.

Maker fellowships will be offered to members of each team to train other hubs and makers in the region and other countries. The documentation and the stories from the project will be shared in a book and on an open maker platform (makehub) created especially for this campaign. Maker fellows and participants will also receive a maker passport and 3D printed skills stamps used to track and share their progress.


Support the project and receive a book with all the projects and stories from the field

Support the project and receive a book with all the projects and stories from the field

Why are we doing this project?

The ecosystem is ready. HacKIDemia organized a series of maker workshops as part of  the ‘Global Innovation Lounge’ at Re:publica conference in Berlin this year, a gathering of 20+ Maker hubs from all over the world: Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and 19 hubs from all over Africa (Cameroon, iLab from LiberiaiHub from Kenya,etc) were participating. After participating in our workshops we were asked to help get the young people involved from their countries in maker workshops and hands-on projects. As we wanted to build something sustainable that could be adapted to local context and needs and grow over time, we decided to start Afrimakers.

Picture from HacKIDemia workshops in Nigeria, Lagos 2012

Picture from HacKIDemia workshops in Nigeria, Lagos 2012

Needs addressed by Afrimakers

Education needs

  • At least 250 million children of primary school-age are failing to learn the basics in Africa

  • In Kenya 47% children survived to grade 4 and achieved a minimum level of learning.

  • Kenya is still amongst the ten countries with the highest number of out of school children in the world. (source OCDE 2013)

Entrepreneurship needs

  • Patent applications in South Africa fell by 24% between 2008 and 2011

  • 93% of local entrepreneurs surveyed agree that students need access to specific training to become entrepreneurs (source G20 Country report 2013)

HacKIDemia workshop for measuring water quality

HacKIDemia workshop for measuring water quality

Who supports us?

Tayo Akinyemi


Tayo is the first Afrilabs director and an entrepreneurship enthusiast who has worked for several young ventures in the US, Africa, and Latin America. As a network organization, AfriLabs builds on a common vision to promote the growth and development of the African technology sector. As a community, they believe that by working together individual labs improve their chances of success, of generating more success stories and creating greater opportunities for their members. 

David Moinina Sengeh

David was born and raised in Sierra Leone and is now a Ph.D candidate at the MIT Media Lab where his research focuses on the design of comfortable prosthetic sockets and wearable interfaces. He is also the president and co-founder of an international NGO that has distributed over 15,000 mosquito nets in Sierra Leone. Currently David's main project is Innovate Salone, the first-ever competition created to foster a culture of innovation among high-school students in Sierra Leone. 


Dan Barry


President and Founder, Denbar Robotics, former Astronaut. Dan is a former NASA astronaut and a veteran of three space flights, four spacewalks and two trips to the International Space Station. He retired from NASA in 2005 and started his own company, Denbar Robotics that creates robotic assistants for home and commercial use, concentrating on assistive devices for people with disabilities. He received numerous honors. A few of them are the following: 2000 and 2002 NASA Exceptional Service Medals, 2001 Top 10 in the world career spacewalk hours, 100 Most Notable Princeton Graduate School Alumni of the 20th Century, Harvard Medical School Paul J, Corcoran Award and honorary doctoral degrees from Beloit College and St. Louis University.

Denisa Kera


Denisa Kera is a philosopher and a designer, one of the initiators of the network supporting research in developing countries. She builds design prototypes, critical probes and tools for common people around the world to reflect, deliberate and participate in emergent science and technology issues. She follows and studies science community labs, alternative R&D places (Hackerspaces, FabLabs, DIYbio) as a new model of how to connect policy and design. She has extensive experience as a curator of exhibitions and projects connecting art, technology and science, and previous career in internet start-ups and journalism. Currently, she works as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore and Asia Research Institute fellow, where she is trying to bring together Science Technology Society (STS) studies with Interactive Media Design.

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