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Build. Make. Hack. Grow. The DIY Anthem

Build. Make. Hack. Grow. This is AWESOME !!!This is the DIY Anthem. Our heroic vision for the power of practical skills. It's also the reality on DIY today. Using our app and site, thousands of young Makers build, hack, and share. They do challenges, and earn Skill Patches. They inspire each other to level up.

Through an online portal and iOS app, DIY lets kids create portfolios of the stuff they make through a public web page. Friends and family members can encourage their work through stickers and parents can monitor their activity from a dashboard. “We’ve all seen how kids can be like little MacGyvers,” the company writes in an introductory blogpost. “They’re able to take anything apart, recycle what you’ve thrown away – or if they’re Caine, build their own cardboard arcade. This is play, but it’s also creativity and it’s a valuable skill.” Starting ‘em early on the innovation agenda, we see.