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Call for coaches: Hackathon for kids

Author: Benjamin Kampmann

Photo: Simon Höher 


As some of you probably already know, HacKIDemia, which took place on Easter Monday, April 1st, here in Berlin, was supported by OpenTechSchool and Toywheel, which helped us by promoting the event. We are happy to announce, that HacKIDemia, OpenTechSchool and Toywheel decided to take their collaboration to the next level and will do a first, new event all together: the Hackathon for Kids, which will take place at the end of April (target dates are 27th/28th of April) and will consist of various full-day challenges and workshops where kids will hack on with their parents and qualified coaches. We are thinking about the Nasa-Send-Things-to-Space-Challenge and the famous TEDxYouthAustin-Makey-Makey-Sound-installation but also about more software involving topics, like setting up Arduinos and sensors to track and visualize air conditions or Scratch-based Software-Challenges. We are already in talks with an amazing venue and have sponsors on board to help us with other stuff around.

What we need now are great ideas for workshops and coaches willing to host them with us. Therefore this is a call for coaches interested in hacking with kids. If you are interested in coaching tech and making to kids, please quickly answer these few questions and join the organisational meetup on Wednesday, April 10th at Co.Up at which we will discuss what to do and how to get organized. And even if you can’t make it to the event itself, please fill out the form so we can keep you up to date.

Oh, what a joy this is going to be!