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Exploring the future with Hackidemia in Romania

2 weeks ago we organized a HacKidemia workshop powered by Simplon Romania at TEDxBucharest in Romania. Almost 900 people were attending this event to hear the most inspiring predictions for the Future. We were there to learn and have fun, play and make inventions together with people.

Hackidemia @TedxBucharest

Here’s some of feelings our super trainers have had during the day and shared with us: 

‘I loved the interactions.’

‘Showing interesting things to people makes you see the look on their face. Adults are nothing less than big kids.’

‘Re-living the excitement of technology through the participants’ eyes. That is awesome at Hackidemia.’

‘I was excited before and a little worrisome, but it faded after the first few people came to make great things with us.’

‘The experience was really tiring, physically I think, because it was so intense, but it was rewarding and I felt charged up with lots of good energy after it.’

Our biggest surprise was to see that adults reacting like big kids during the following workshops:

  • Feel the beat (monitor heart beats)
  • DIY microscope
  • Garduino - Monitor plants and soil with Arduino
  • Squishy circuits
Banana Team

There was an incredible engagement of Hackidemia group in Romania and we are extremely happy to see how fast this community grows and how much people are giving their best to teach others how to hack and make new things with new technology.

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See you soon!