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Hackidemic kids and Vint Cerf imagining the future

One of our young Hackidemic, Lena Coco Kovats (on the right), 9 years, Charles-Dickens-Grundschule Berlin, will be co-judging the projects competition with Vint Cerf.

 If you have ever wondered about how the world will look like in the future, you are the right person invited to team up with other designers, geeks, entrepreneurs, makers, hackers and other to spend creative and challenging afternoon developing and pitching your group’s world changing moonshot venture idea  to Vint Cerf. 


Factory summer fair is inviting you on 2nd August to spend afternoon on full of fun and creativity. 

Come along to the Hackidemia space and make:
* DIY dynamo mobile phone chargers

* Arduino air quality monitors

* Analogue synthesisers with cassette tape loops

Amongst other cool hacks, we'll also be demonstrating an Arduino controlled motor boat made from recycled materials!

You can drop into the workshops at any time, but tutorials/instructions will be given every 15 minutes.

The entrance is free but you have to register here

Factory is located in Brunnenstr. 141, 10115 Berlin.

Have fun!