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The return of Hackidemia in Singapore. Only two weeks left!

Author: William Hooi

We are all set to go for the next edition of HacKIDemia in Singapore in two weeks time 31 Aug 2013. This time, we will be at Silicon Straits CO.LAB, a co-working fablab right in the heart of Singapore's tech start-up hub at Blk 71. We are expecting 25 kids and their parents. This time we have Silicon Straits as our venue sponsors with the support of Hacknasium and Inkbox3D. You can for the workshops here.



The following workshops will be offered:

1. Fashion technology - make your own jewellery or wearables using LEDs and coin batteries

2. Scratch & MaKey MaKey programming 

3. DIY microscope - make your own microscope by hacking a webcam

4. DIY game making - make your own game using the KINGDOM tool

5. Cardboard prototyping

6. Breadboard electronics/remote control LEDs

7. Exploring littleBits and Algodoo

Each workshop is facilitated by a mentor to 5 kids is about 45mins long. All activities are child-friendly and targeted at children from 5-15years old.


For your info, the September HacKIDemia workshop will be at the Singapore Science museum on 28 Sept (still confirming the details) and we hope to grow the numbers.