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Hackidemia launching its first ever workshop in Beijing China

Author: Yiqing Liang

Hackidemia is working with Beijing Makerspace to launch an Air Quality workshop in Beijing China in late July.

Living in a polluted environment can cost our health. We are all aware that air pollution, indoor and outdoor, is linked directly to lung disease, respiratory health problems, and to increased risk to heart disease. The impact on health is more severe to children, elderly and people who are already ill.

We want to take matter into our own hands, and we do so starting from identifying the polluted elements and quantifying the pollution level. Once the pollution become measurable, we can begin to discuss the methods we can employ to improve the air quality. For example, we can grow plants inside our house to improve humidity, or stop smoking indoors.

Useful reading materials:

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Beijing Makerspace

About Beijing Makerspace:


Beijing Makerspace is a social enterprise founded by Flamingo and Justin. Our mission is to encourage social innovation and develop the open-source hardware ecosystem by building a physical and online community where people can learn, share and work on projects and make the result available for public use. Like open-source software, open source hardware is the culture of people sharing their experience in build something, and anybody can take this idea and build their own hardware. The beauty of knowledge-sharing is that people can build on and improve what others have already achieved and that we believe this will accelerate the process of innovation not only locally but also globally.


Late July (Date and time to be confirmed)