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HacKIDemia Maker Box

This is the HacKIDemia  Maker Box which would be given to the 10 Afrimakers hubs as part of the Afrimakers project.


What's inside?

  • 4 Arduino, 2 Makey-Makey, 1 Raspberry Pie

  • an RFID starter kit

  • a Soldering kit useful for upcycling and building electronics

  • 5 Humidity and Temperature sensors

  • 2 Pulse sensors, 1 Color detector sensor, 1 Carbon Monoxide sensor

  • a Camera module

  • tons of tools like LEDs, cables, batteries, bread boards, copper tape, tools pliers, scissors and alligator clips

  • and lots of more!

Pre-order your Maker Box here

Collective critical making

The box comes with a full guide for projects and activites that were tested in our workshops around the world. Example of learning activity here (

Buy one give one 

You can also pledge the box for a HacKIDemia hub next to you and donate one for Africa here. The box will also arrive to Singapore in March just in time for the Mini Maker-fair and it  was also pledged by HacKIDemia hubs in Chile, Germany and Spain.