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Is it possible to make music with everything?

Quiz: Is it possible to make a piano (one that actually works) out of bananas?

Answer: Trick question! You can make a piano out of any fruit or vegetable (or any other object, for that matter). With a bit of programming and some work with microcontrollers, voila: Banana Piano.

At Kids Hackathon, HacKIDemia turns projects like these into learning opportunities for kids ages 6-15. At Mauerpark on Saturday, June 1, your kids can learn to hack together electronics, programming, microcontrollers and objects from their everyday lives. In the process, they learn the latest DIY electronic technologies and also have a ton of fun. Experts from HacKIDemia and volunteer adult mentors who are experienced makers will lead the workshops.

This week’s theme is Music in the Park, so kids will hack together:

  • Musical Teeter Totters (swings)

  • Robots that make music

  • Music with fruits, plants and balloons

Don’t believe it yet? Bring your kids out to Mauerpark this Saturday and join in the learning and the fun. We’ll set up shop in Mauerpark by Arena Hill starting at 10am.

Kids Hackathon

When: Saturday, June 1st, from 10am

Where: Mauerpark, Arena Hill (where they organize Sunday karaoke)

You must register to participate, so sign up here while there are still spots available. And join the Facebook event and share with your community.

See you Saturday!

The HacKIDemia Team

Register here. Join the Facebook event and share.