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Kids celebrated Easter by hacking in Berlin

Instead of Spring, which we wanted to welcome during the Easter holidays, me and my parents embraced the magic of playing, inventing and fun with HacKIDemia, which reached Berlin for the second time already.

We attended both the workshops: there was one in the morning in Betahaus and then we quickly moved to newly open FabLab space, which hosted the other workshop in the afternoon. There were few more kids who went to both workshops, too.

Actually, even though there were the school holidays, there was a lot of kids coming to play. Roughly I would say there were up to twenty kids on each workshop. Now, imagine there were also their parents, and mentors running the workshops. The space was completely crowded!

There were plenty of activities to choose from: marble run, which was most of the time occupied with two 4-5 years old guys passionate about inventing the most complicated ways you can imagine for the marbles to run, workshop with Makey Makey, which is a small device which lets people to either play music using the fruits or navigate through Tetris with just moves of your body, which is a little bit complicated than usual way of playing, but very funny at the same time.


I liked the workshop with the analog tapes the most. Cara, the very nice mentor, showed us how to dismantle the old cassette- your parents have a tons of those at home for sure, how to measure the different sizes of the magnetic tapes before cutting them- which is super important, because the time length of the loop you will then create, depends on the physical length of the tape you shape later. Creating the loop represents something very random since you never know which exact sounds will constitute the loop and replaying the loop creates something very hypnotic. The audience of parents and other kids applauded to each awesome loop!


After two hours of creative blast, we had also chance to present our projects to other kids and parents. Those who were too shy, got helped from the mentors.

I would suggest other kids, their parents and their friends to spend time learning new things or reinventing the old ones during HacKIDemia workshops. It's worth the time.

I can’t wait until next time!


Author: Magdalena