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Last 9 h for Afrimakers

We have 9h left for our Afrimakers campaign! 

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What can you do?

  • Please share the campaign with all your friends on all social networks and use #afrimakers. See how the community is doing the last efforts here 
  • Subscribe as a mentor for the project and help the different hubs with their projects. (You get to choose team/project/and how much time you can invest).

Latest updates

  • Tomorrow morning will leaving together with 7 maker boxes to start our tour in Egypt. The announced revolutionary days did not stop us to propose an alternative revolution, a making one. Read here what will be the schedule in Egypt and see a video where the local teams explains whyAfrimakers is important for them.
  • Sparkfun Learn team has wrote a beautiful article about our project and announced their support for the Afrimakers tour.
  • We just trained 100 Primary Science teachers in Bilbao Spain to use the same box and develop science projects and learning activities in parallel with the teams of mentors in Africa and exchange ideas. (See a blog post from one of the teachers here
  • We published our 2013 review of projects and community events in order to better explain why we want to do this tour and what brought us here