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Learning by Doing

In June we organised the first HacKidemia in France at the multimedia centre of the Versailles Academy in Marly-le-Roy. We used the unconference format of the event. Teenagers of 11-13 years old were able to choose any activity from the eight available workshops and change whenever they wanted. No schedhule or duration was imposed to them. I also have to mention that most of the participants were coming from difficult social background and were reluctant initially to attend to “yet another class.” Little did they know that behind the doors an entire playground was waiting for them. Our young makers could play for a whole day with intelligent lego pieces, learn how to build robots and program, create an interactive book, dance while playing music on an Arduino carpet.

The day ended with a demo session where everybody could present their results. Also the youngsters participated in documenting the event by taking pictures and videos and interviewing their friends.

By the end of the day everybody was bursting of happiness for having made something with their hands and shouts like “I made a robot !” would follow the laughters and the unanimous shared enthousiasm.

We promised that we will do it again in September when school starts again and all of our young makers seamed eager to be back to Hackidemia.

If you want to organize a HacKidemia in your own school or community please let us know by filling the following form. We would be happy to help you with that!