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Our growing community in Eastern Europe

Hello  Parents, Kids, Volunteers, Mentors, Supporters... FRIENDS!

I am very excited to share with you the latest updates from the local team in Bulgaria. The community is growing and we have new partnerships that are already helping the team create great events this year! At the end of the day it all comes down to collaboration, working together and building a trustworthy relationship step-by-step.

Hackidemia is now in Plovdiv!

A tiny part of the Hackidemia Plovdiv team! Meet (from left to right), Ivan Djeferov, myselft, Vassil Kalkov and Leon Anavi.

A tiny part of the Hackidemia Plovdiv team! Meet (from left to right), Ivan Djeferov, myselft, Vassil Kalkov and Leon Anavi.

Plovdiv is a candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019. Also, it has a great co-working space called Hackafe which is now the local partner of Hackidemia. We are all very happy to start this new relationship and organize amazing events for the children. 

Civic Hacking to solve problems, learn about new technologies and creative ways to use some old technologies!

We will be "hacking" with a lot of electronics elements, soldering, programming controllers and thinking about what are the specific problems we can solve together with the kids. So here are some of the workshops currently under development for the upcoming Plovdiv event:

  • Pattern-ed Penguins
    Learn how to solder and program a very tiny - Arduino-inspired board
    Here is more about what we will be soldering, yes, it is a Penguin, and it is a completely open source hardware. We will also program its LEDs to get it to shine with different patterns. We will learn:
    >> What is an electronic circuit?
    >> The basics concepts of the a programming language and environment like Arduino.
    >> Patterns - where else in life do we see recurring patterns (maybe a simple traffic light is a good example)? 
    >> What can be visually explained by a patterns?
    >> Everybody will program hers or his very own Penguin Pattern that will be somehow connected to the real world!
  • City-Sensor-ed stations
    The citysensored stations will be developed around the idea of having real-time sensor data about the local environment in a specific area of the city. The stations will be a collaborative effort of a group of kids and the mentors will guide them through thinking about:
    >> What  can be measured and why is it important? 
    >> What else would you want to measure? 
    >> How does it help people if they have all this information about their environment?
    >> Prototype, Prototype, Prototype!!!
  • Games Invention
    The mantra here is - "Play only games, designed and created by yourself" This is our one and only rule. The participants will be challenged to design, create and program their own games from scratch. 

Huge thanks to the amazing Hackidmeia community in Plovidv and we are all looking forward to keep you up to date with how it goes!