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Presents we recommend for Christmas

Imagine the future book

This Christmas don't buy perishable toys, offer your children and your friends our Afrimakers book: Imagine the future. 

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Discover collection of 30 “objects of the future” and associated short stories written by celebrated science-fiction authors and DIY projects so you can also imagine the future at home!

See the demo of the book here and order it here for only 35$

Maker traveling kit

When you travel, do it in Maker style, get your map of maker projects and a global maker passport where you can collect Makerspaces and Skills stamps. 

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Order your Maker travel kit here for only 45 $

(it contains making map+passport+3d stamps+T-shirt)

Maker workshops kit

Get your full set-up kit for organizing maker workshops: a book of projects and ideas, a maker t-shirt, a passport and skills stamps so you can award your participants. 

Organizing hands-on workshops is much more fun when y're fully prepared! 

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Order your Maker workshop kit here for only 65 $

(it contains E-book of projects+T-shirt+passport + skills stamps )