Inspiring belief in a better tomorrow. Equipping kids with the tools to build it.

Press Release: Hackidemia Opening Eyes of Nigerian Youth to New Technologies

For Immediate ReleaseLagos, Nigeria – November 1, 2012

Hackidemia (, an international NGO that facilitates technology workshops for children, is coming to Lagos as part of Maker Faire Africa 2012. HacKIDemia’s playful approach shows children the fun and value behind building hardware and software alike. In doing so it lowers the boundaries to later involvement in technology; turning kids from consumers of technologies to makers. HacKIDemia workshops have held in Cambodia, Bulgaria, Romania, Paris, Berlin and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The HacKIDemia team, led my Stefania Durga, will be facilitating 12 workshops for just under 300 children aged 9-14 from November 2-6, 2012. All workshops have been sold out. The majority of these workshops will take place during Maker Faire Africa (, an international series of events which, after successful faires in Accra, Nairobi and Cairo, is now taking place in Lagos for the first time. It will be held on November 5-6 at LTV Blue Roof, Ikeja, and entry to the events is free.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Honourable Minister of Finance & Coordinating Minister for the Economy in Nigeria, said that “Maker Faire Africa, Lagos is testament to the innovative, inventive and resourceful capabilities of our people… we are delighted to join the Maker Faire Africa community in celebrating the future of creativity and enterprise…”.

HacKIDemia is collaborating with a number of organizations to ensure that students from public and private school children alike are able to attend the workshops. These include sponsors such as Alitheia Capital and Netcom, as well as supporters such as ESSPIN, the UK Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria; AFED, a network of low cost private schools in Lagos; volunteers from Globally Educated, an online community for African students; Freedom Park, Lagos Island; and the Lagos State Education Board.

HacKIDemia expects that this series of workshops will set an example that will encourage sponsors to support a permanent series of workshops from which all children in Lagos and Nigeria are able to benefit. Parties wishing to support this goal should contact HaKIDemia via their website (

Says Stefania Druga, founder of HacKIDemia: “We are delighted to be bringing HacKIDemia to Lagos. In our workshops children will build their own superhero, play with 3D printers and scanners, hack their first computer and let their imagination run riot. Around the world our workshops inspire belief in a better tomorrow and equip people with the tools to build it.”

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HacKidemia is a mobile invention lab that enables future changemakers to crowdcraft physical and virtual artifacts by attending and creating hands-on workshops. It was founded at Singularity University, Mountain View.

For further information please contact Andre Wegner (080.2886.1930;