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Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure

"Hi! My name's Sissy and I friggin LOVE ponycorns!"- Sissy

Ryan Henson Creighton and his daughter, first-grader Cassandra Creighton, built Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure: A game in which Sissy navigates a magical world to find the five dispersed ponycorns (a magical mingling of a pony and unicorn, duh) and put them in jars.

Cassie did the drawings and Sissy's voicing, Ryan animated, and with their powers combined the most adorable video game you've ever played was born.

They told their story in a wonderful TEDxToronto talk on creativity, learning, and mastery:

"Reading is a consumptive activity, not a creative one. Researching on the web, watching videos, and answering class pools are all participatory. But we shouldn't mistake participating in the interactive world with mastering over it.

When we see kids using tablet computers - I mean, theyre just using them - we say, "Oh my gosh it's so amazing how well they've taken to technology, and we clap our hands together, and we call them 'Digital Natives.'

Folks, these devices have a touch controlled interface and one button. If we're amazed our kids can use these devices, we're not expecting enough of our kids.

The future demands mastery, not just participation. Kids should be taught to program computers and computational thinking in third grade at the latest."