Inspiring belief in a better tomorrow. Equipping kids with the tools to build it.

The Education Story

Once upon a time there was a world filled with smart free people who were collaborating on protecting their peers and the nature.  Their children were ingenious and inspired and they understood how their tools work because they were crowd-crafting them. They understood why they were using them.. They were humble in front of knowledge because they saw that that the seek of answers will lead them to more questions. Everyone had the the opportunity to reach the ocean of knowledge in their local communities by mastering and adapting their local resources. The tools were tailor-made for their needs and easy to use and understand.The people were communicating very rapidly and they were sharing their knowledge and experience with everyone and everywhere. The information sharing and the means of understanding it and create it were evolving at the same rhythm. People were building on the wisdom of their elders and they were transcending their knowledge building. The talent and opportunities were at anyone’s reach. The children had access to knowledge and were also able to learn with their elders who were highly appreciated for their crystallized awareness ..

The elders were also learning from their children about the things that changed and they were always able to contribute to their community.  Their emotions and intuition were a great value and the playful and useful were combined in new explorations. And people were capable to handle their abundances and to analyse and reflect upon the stories around them. Diverse cultures were a high treasures and people were appreciating the force of their different values. The Mavens, the knowledge sharers were at anyone’s reach and willing to help the ones that were exploring.. People had vision and were evolving in a natural way by adapting to their new world The end?

Video of the talk: