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There is nothing like being a kid

After two successful editions in Bucharest, the magic of HacKIDemia reached the west of Romania, too.

Last Saturday, March 23rd, around 35 kids, together with their parents, experienced the joy of learning by making and creating.

The first edition of HacKIDemia Timisoara was organized in a great co-working space, right in the city center, at Timisoara StartUP HUB. The event took place in the afternoon and the workshops and activities prepared for the kids lasted for about 2 hours, followed by a short networking sessions where both kids and parents shared with us their creations, impressions and especially their interest in attending a second edition.

We had more then 30 children subscribed for the event, with age ranges between 4 and 11, while the age average was 7-8 years. We were very happy to see that parents brought not only their kids, but also friends’ kids or neighbors and most of the parents who attended the event were happy to join the children for the activities. 

In just a couple of days the list with the maximum number of children we could manage for this pilot edition of Hackidemia was complete. We were happy to receive calls from parents asking us in case there are last minute spare places to let them know.  Moreover, there were families who showed up in the day of the event and decided to pass by just to have an idea of the event and leave us their contact for the future editions.

For the first edition of HacKIDemia Timisoara, the organizing team prepared four workshops, two of them designed mainly for the children and the other two involved also the parents who wanted to join their kids for the activities.

For a couple of hours we have all relived the joy of being a kid and together with the participants we’ve made toys from recycled materials or created stories and published them online. A group of children decided to take the Marshmallow Challenge and competed with their parents by trying to create the highest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows. Other kids chose to make team with their parents and collaborated in giving the right instruction to their virtual robot in order to reach the first the finish line.

Parents, children or volunteers, younger or older, we have all enjoyed being part of the HacKIDemia magic and our biggest achievement is the enthusiasm, the energy and a lot of creative ideas that we managed to gather in order to make possible a second edition, and a third and so on…

Author: Sorina Popa