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Vint Cerf and Lena Coco judging the Moonshot Idea Challenge

Author: Lena Coco Kovats


I am Lena Coco Kovats, in grade 4 at the Charles Dickens German English Europa School in Berlin, and I was invited to be a judge at the Factory Moonshot Idea Challenge. The other judge was Vint Cerf from the U.S.A.. They invited him because he had an idea for what became the Internet in the 1960’s. Five projects were presented to us.



The first group invented a bracelet with a little monitor on it, and it told you if you maybe have to go visit the doctor. They won the first prize.


One of the 5 projects was from Hackidemia. They invented earplugs with LED lights that stuck into something that looked like dough. They were supposed to tell you the way to go somewhere only by hearing sounds. They wanted to do something where you look at your phone less, and just listen. They won the second prize!

At the end the winners got a bottle of champagne!