Dancing drones

@ Stefan Kellner, Flickr 

@Stefan Kellner, Flickr 

Hack a mini-quadcopter with Arduino

Learn how to build and control you first RC Helicopter and how you could use it in emergency situations or in order to access people that need help 

General Objectives:

  • introduce kids and parents/teachers to programing and hardware
  • teach kids and parents how to build and program drones
  • discover by playing computational concepts

The participants will:

  • understand the concept of programing hardware in the context of drones assembly 
  • understand the benefits of remixing while designing
  • be able to build their own drone and learn how to program it


  • Introduce the concept of computational creation and the Arduino environment
  • Show sample Arduino projects
  • Review design processes for the drone
  • Explore the drone board interface
  • Create first prototype
  • Program and remix set-up 
  • Share and discuss creations

You’ll need:

  • 1x Arduino UNO Rev 3 or similar
  • 1x UDI U816 RC Quadcopter or similar
  • 1x mini-protoboard
  • 4x 630K ohm resistors
  • 4x 10nf capacitors
  • Arduino to Protoboard cables
  • Screwdriver with cross head
  • A wire cutting plier