DIY Microscope

DIY Microscope   

DIY Microscope 

How can you build a microscope from an old webcam in 4 steps

Did you ever wondered what lies in your carper or in the water we drink? Did you ever want to explore the microcosmos that surrounds us? Now you can do that just by hacking an old webcam. 

General Objectives:

  • learn what are the basic principles of optics 
  • learn how you could amplify and image
  • learn how you could capture an Image in physical and virtual world 
  • design first bio-exploration experiment

The participants will:

  • understand the basic concepts of microscopy 
  • create their own microscope from an old webcam
  • be able to design and prototype the microscope box and focus mechanism
  • test their prototype in an experiment where they have to use their microscope


  • Introduce the concept of field of view
  • Show sample projects and evolution of microscopy 
  • Take apart an old webcam and see how it could be used to amplify images
  • Test and measure amplification of webcam
  • Create first prototype of a microscope from the webcam 
  • Prototype  and remix set-up 
  • Share and discuss creations

What you need

  • 1x old webcam
  • cardboard 
  • glue
  • other box prototyping materials
  • scissors 
  • screwdrivers