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Hackidemia Sofia

Hackidemia Sofia is excited to come again and load kids with some electrifying hacks for the biggest  holiday - the 1st of June - Children's Day. Together with the Smart Fab Lab - the first FabLab in Sofia and great support from Transformatori and Sofia Tech Park, we are happy to officially announce the event.


1st of June - Children's Day


As much as we all love soldering, the Paper Electronics workshop will guide the children to create complex circuits without using any soldering but instead by playing with circuit stickers! These are peel-and-stick electronics for crafting circuits - multicolored LEDs, a light sensor, a microphone sensor for detecting sound, a timer circuit that turns on your circuit for five seconds at a time. Also complex sensors like the touch sensor - a Microcontroller Sticker that comes set up to work as a touch sensor, but advanced participants will learn how to program the onboard ATTiny85 microcontroller to do anything they want.

Circuit Stickers from  Chibitronics

Circuit Stickers from Chibitronics

We will also play with bio sensors in the DIY Bio Hacking workshop done by Georgi Chipov from ChipoLabs. Georgi is a great part of our local community and will show us how to sense our heartbeat, muscle activity and others. 

How do computers learn new things? This will be part of the topic in a Machine Learning workshop designed to show children the basic concepts behind an Image Recognition algorithm. 

The Fabrication Tools Exploration workshop will show the kids how to use different machinery and what can be made with it. We will also explore the unexpected world of wearable devices and design new and creative ways to embed sensors to turn any surface into an interactive experience. 

During the event we will develop two City Sensor stations that would measure air quality in specific part of the city. With this workshops we hope to inspire children and adults to be aware of the environment we live in and do as much as they can to preserve it.


Transformatori, Sofia, Bulgaria - ul. Hristo Smirnenski 1 - here's the map.

Thank You and see you soon!