Moss Oscilator

Sample of connected moss @STEFANIE WUSCHITZ

Sample of connected moss @STEFANIE WUSCHITZ

Building a 'Mosscillator' - a mixture of moss and oscillator. By touching moss the organic structures of moss are decreasing conductivity and can be therefore used as pressure sensor. The touch of moss will control sounds and noises generated by an oscillator chip.This way we can make a moss symphony together, consisting of several Mosscillators created during the workshop

Learning Objectives

  • This workshop is an introduction to basic electronics.
  • Through the use of arduino and ICs we will generate sound, movement, visuals influenced and controlled by the input of self-made sensors.
  • These sensors consist of resistive materials as e.g. graphite or plants in order to create reactive installations in public space.


Each of the moss elements functions as variable resistor, that influences the sound in different ways. Depending on humidity the moss parts are able to conduct electric current with changing resistance, variegating their interactive quality.The three oscillators, that are controlled through the moss, are connected serially. This enables the signal of the first oscillator to become input for the second oscillator whose output again turns into the third oscillators input. You can play the Mosscillator through stroking, pressing, squeezing or caressing the moss. 

Inspired by Miss Baltazar's laboratory: