Hackidemia organises bio-making workshops in San Jose

Have you ever wanted to build your own microscope?

This Sunday, July 7, HacKidemia in collaboration with The Tech Museum of Innovation will organise a series of Bio-Making workshops. We will build microscopes from old webcams, extract DNA from strawberry and analyse different types of plants and microorganisms.





The Tech Studio (Lower Level)

The Tech Museum of Innovation

201 S Market St  San Jose, CA 95113


Sunday 7th July at 2:00 p.m.

The tickets are available here

HacKIDemia is finally coming to Singapore!

Author: William Hooi

The first HacKIDemia Singapore workshop will be held at the HUB Singapore on 29 June 2013, 9.30am-12.30pm. About 40 kids & parents are expected to turn up for a morning of maker activities. All kids from 5-15 years old are welcome to participate together with their parents.



The programme will adopt the 'unconference'/BarCamp approach where kids are allowed to move around and participate in any activity that they like. They can join in any of the following workshops:

  1. Constructing game controller/ interfaces using MaKey MaKey and Scratch program.
  2. Squishy circuits: playing with conductive dough (for young kids 5-7yrs)
  3. Make your own bristlebot using an old toothbrush, pager motor and coin battery
  4. Arduino for kids (brought to you by Tinkertanker)
  5. Booting up your own RaspberryPi
  6. Learn to open and use the XO (One Laptop Per Child project)

Each workshop is facilitated by a mentor to 5 kids is about 45mins long. Schedule of the workshops will be posted at the door as well. Parents can join in to assist their kids.


Hackidemia comes to New York City

Why is it always the grown-ups who get to shape the future, when it’s our kids who have to live there? That doesn’t make any sense at all! Lucky for New York’s little ones (and their folks), Hackidemia has a whole different take on architecting tomorrow–and it starts with a full day of hands-on workshops on Saturday, June 29th at Alpha One Labs in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Free for children ages 5 and up, Hack the City with Kids is designed to “give kids’ imaginations a voice.” Among other workshops, participants can learn how to design video games, turn flowers and fruit into a drum machines and keyboards, extract DNA from strawberries, and create paper electronics.



About Alpha One Labs

Alpha One Labs hackerspace was founded in July 2009. Promoting radical inclusivity, Alpha One Labs aims to provide a fun, tool rich space for users of all ages and interests to work on projects together. 

Learn more at http://www.alphaonelabs.com.

Please, book your places in advance here.

Ashoka Award ceremony

Hackidemia was one of the organisations that received the Ashoka Pep Award for the IT4Change Social Innovation Challenge. 

We will use this grant to organize a series of hands-on science workshops for underprivileged schools in Neukoln.

We would be really happy if you could join us for the ceremony award so we can share the joy after all the hard work.

The Hackidemia team! 

More details about the challenge here: http://oursocialinnovation.org/

Facebook event for ceremony


HacKIDemia in Sofia

On Saturday, June 1st, we will have a lot of fun playing and making! So far there are nine workshops planned, eg. lemon powered electronics, 3D printing, LEGO robots. The workshops will take place in Soho from 10.30 to 14.30. We will share with you our experiences afterwards. 

181293_456666721085532_35543210_n (1).jpg

Examples of the workshops

Workshop "Bulb and battery"

During "Bulb and battery" kids are going to make electric circuits based on a light bulb, a switch, and a battery with the help of specialized clip-circuit constructor, and without its help afterwards. In the next part we are going to make a generator, which will drive 2 LEDs and make them to flash. In order to make it possible we will also learn soldering. Finally, we reverse the perception of a lemon turning sour taste into electricity.

The Chinese game Go

In the Go workshop, we will learn to play one of the most fascinating games of the world. Go origins more than 3 thousand years back in time in ancient China. It is closely related with the eastern way of thinking and living. The basics include mutual coexistence and a search for balance between the two players. 

Foldify Workshop

In this workshop, organised by Kids@DSLL, children will learn how to create and draw 3D toys on an iPad with the Foldify app, and then have them printed on paper, cut, fold and glue them. Foldify marries the digital and the real world to allow young creators to design, make and take home 3D paper objects in what is an unforgetable fun experience. Watch this short video to see how Foldify works and what you can do with it.

“Konfitur” workshop

In Konfiturs’ workshop we will draw and stick on wooden figures and lettering. We will colorable with paints, decorate with color papers. One part of the figures we will stick magnet, so than finally we can decorate refrigerator at home. Thus kids have access to natural material like wood, which can be used for creation of interesting things. They will experience good feeling of drawing on the wood an of creating something beautiful and even functional. 

Parents registration form is here:


Digital fabrication workshop @Codemotion Berlin

So, everyone is talking about “making” and “makers” and you’ve heard about those incredible projects they are doing with Arduino, right?

Within this workshop you will learn how to build your own Arduino! No kidding, it is really possible with local electronic parts! And yes, it is possible even if you have no clue what “light dependent resistor” or “pulse-width modulation” mean. The workshop is opened to absolute beginners!


Not only that you´ll get necessary soldering skills as well as all the required materials directly at the workshop but you will also learn how to do this workshop again with kids and young people if you want to re-share your new skills.

No homework or shopping required just bring your curiosity and we will take care of the rest!

More info on conference website: http://berlin.codemotionworld.com/workshop/digital-fabrication-how-to-run-workshops-for-kids/

Discount code for 50% price here: http://codemotionberlin13.eventbrite.co.uk/?discount=hackidemia

HacKIDemia will explore the new concept in Singapore


We will be kickstarting the first HacKidemia event on 18 May 2013 in conjunction with the World Scratch Day. As such a prominent feature in this event is the use of Scratch and Makey Makey. The concept that we will be exploring is public maker-mob style where we will go a public spaces to run mini workshops on site. These bit size workshops are a way to publicize Hackidemia as well as to associate fun atmosphere with technology. We will be planning a series of volunteer workshops in April and we expect at least 40-50 adults to be involved in this.

More info coming soon!

Author: William Hooi