Digital fabrication workshop @Codemotion Berlin

So, everyone is talking about “making” and “makers” and you’ve heard about those incredible projects they are doing with Arduino, right?

Within this workshop you will learn how to build your own Arduino! No kidding, it is really possible with local electronic parts! And yes, it is possible even if you have no clue what “light dependent resistor” or “pulse-width modulation” mean. The workshop is opened to absolute beginners!


Not only that you´ll get necessary soldering skills as well as all the required materials directly at the workshop but you will also learn how to do this workshop again with kids and young people if you want to re-share your new skills.

No homework or shopping required just bring your curiosity and we will take care of the rest!

More info on conference website: http://berlin.codemotionworld.com/workshop/digital-fabrication-how-to-run-workshops-for-kids/

Discount code for 50% price here: http://codemotionberlin13.eventbrite.co.uk/?discount=hackidemia