HacKIDemia in Sofia

On Saturday, June 1st, we will have a lot of fun playing and making! So far there are nine workshops planned, eg. lemon powered electronics, 3D printing, LEGO robots. The workshops will take place in Soho from 10.30 to 14.30. We will share with you our experiences afterwards. 

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Examples of the workshops

Workshop "Bulb and battery"

During "Bulb and battery" kids are going to make electric circuits based on a light bulb, a switch, and a battery with the help of specialized clip-circuit constructor, and without its help afterwards. In the next part we are going to make a generator, which will drive 2 LEDs and make them to flash. In order to make it possible we will also learn soldering. Finally, we reverse the perception of a lemon turning sour taste into electricity.

The Chinese game Go

In the Go workshop, we will learn to play one of the most fascinating games of the world. Go origins more than 3 thousand years back in time in ancient China. It is closely related with the eastern way of thinking and living. The basics include mutual coexistence and a search for balance between the two players. 

Foldify Workshop

In this workshop, organised by Kids@DSLL, children will learn how to create and draw 3D toys on an iPad with the Foldify app, and then have them printed on paper, cut, fold and glue them. Foldify marries the digital and the real world to allow young creators to design, make and take home 3D paper objects in what is an unforgetable fun experience. Watch this short video to see how Foldify works and what you can do with it.

“Konfitur” workshop

In Konfiturs’ workshop we will draw and stick on wooden figures and lettering. We will colorable with paints, decorate with color papers. One part of the figures we will stick magnet, so than finally we can decorate refrigerator at home. Thus kids have access to natural material like wood, which can be used for creation of interesting things. They will experience good feeling of drawing on the wood an of creating something beautiful and even functional. 

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