HacKIDemia is finally coming to Singapore!

Author: William Hooi

The first HacKIDemia Singapore workshop will be held at the HUB Singapore on 29 June 2013, 9.30am-12.30pm. About 40 kids & parents are expected to turn up for a morning of maker activities. All kids from 5-15 years old are welcome to participate together with their parents.



The programme will adopt the 'unconference'/BarCamp approach where kids are allowed to move around and participate in any activity that they like. They can join in any of the following workshops:

  1. Constructing game controller/ interfaces using MaKey MaKey and Scratch program.
  2. Squishy circuits: playing with conductive dough (for young kids 5-7yrs)
  3. Make your own bristlebot using an old toothbrush, pager motor and coin battery
  4. Arduino for kids (brought to you by Tinkertanker)
  5. Booting up your own RaspberryPi
  6. Learn to open and use the XO (One Laptop Per Child project)

Each workshop is facilitated by a mentor to 5 kids is about 45mins long. Schedule of the workshops will be posted at the door as well. Parents can join in to assist their kids.