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About HacKIDemia

Our mission is to empower children to be creators of technology through hands-on workshops, training, and entrepreneurship in order to address local challenges while creating or supporting sustainable mobile labs for children.

What we do


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We trained more than 8000 children and 400 mentors until now.


  • Give children from underserved communities the chance to understand and create solutions for problems in their local environment (solar panels, water filters, air pollution filters)
  • Introduce creativity and arts into STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) educational activities and adapt them for girls and underprivileged children
  • Design hands-on and experiential activities where language barrier is eliminated and participants can learn in an interactive way
  • Encourage parents to work together with children and mentors
  • Empower older participants to train new participants and present their results at the end of sessions
  • Introduce children to latest technologies of rapid prototyping and scientific design (3D printing, micro-electronics, programming, robotics, crafting, biotech, physics)

Tool-kits and Training for Mentors


  • Provide instructions and tools
  • Provide learning materials and assessment guidelines
  • Provide opportunities for local change makers to run workshops in schools to support themselves by transferring knowledge
  • Provide coaching and activities proposal for classroom integration
  • Provide project based learning methodology
  • Provoke a dialogue and reflection of the importance of civic concepts/awareness discussions
  • Give access to tools and knowledge resources to help them solve identified challenges and needs
  • Workshops in a box perspective


Grassroots Entrepreneurship


  • Create new jobs and career opportunities for children and mentors
  • Empower local entrepreneurial thinking, creating value for economy
  • Prepare the next generation of leaders to approach human challenges through creative technical                    solutions


Wording and styling

Our brand typeface is Proxima Nova. HacKIDemia is spelled with upper case in the beginning, KID in the middle of the word in upper case, too.


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Any logo variation should always remain in its truest proportions. Never stretch vertically or horizontally. 

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Hackidemia in media

Hackidemia presented in Elektrischer Reporter on ZDF, 27.06.2013


Hackidemia presented in Elektrischer Reporter on ZDF

Hackidemia presented in Elektrischer Reporter on ZDF

"More than 100 students with with an interest in health, technology and active gaming, as well as those interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and giving back to their community through volunteering, gathered last week at Central Texas’ largest dedicated children’s hospital." Health News Texas, 26.07.2013

"Esse não é um problema do Brasil, é um problema global. Aliás, talvez seja um problema ainda mais grave em economias maduras, que vem o desemprego aumentar e, ao mesmo tempo, crescer o déficit de profissionais qualificados em áreas tecnoló, 17.07.2013


"Initially Tech parents will introduce their children more to coding and hacking but little by little all parents understand that technology is part of our future and children need to understand it and learn to customize it from an early age." MaketechX, 15.06.2013


"When you want children to follow their curiosity, kids need to see what others are doing. The best way to understand the concept of “building a robot” is by seeing someone else do it (and then engaging in the activity)." Spokes' Blog, 31.05.2013  

"Take HacKIDemia. This „mobile invention lab“ is designed to help children learn about abstract and complex STEM topics in  hands-on workshop environments.  It is closely allied with the maker movement.“  TES Magazine, 15.03.2013


"It was magic and children didn't want to leave, some of them pretended they forgot their jacket so they come back to the events.“ DLD Conference, 11.03.2013

 "That’s what I try to inspire in kids and mentors,” she said. “If you make them curious, they’re going to learn everything by themselves.”  Las Vegas Sun, 21.02.2013

"City by city, HacKIDemia wishes to revive the making spirit and create local  innovation spaces for people of all ages while inspiring children, students and parents and provide them access to new technologies and science." Women 2.0,  08.10.2012 


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