Hello SXSW Educators!

We're so excited for you to join our community.

Hackidemia is global network designed to create hands-on STEAM curriculum for children from 6 -15 years old. We create workshops that complement theory learned in science, technology, and art classes.

We believe real growth comes from empowering children to be creators of technology through hands-on training and entrepreneurship to address local challenges . Since September of 2012, we've practiced this in over forty workshops in seven countries on four continents.

Our workshops include microelectronics, arduino, recycling, space exploration, stop motion animation, crafts, 3D printing, cardboard creativity, musical instruments, robotics with LEGO, interactive origami, lemons-powered electronics, strawberry DNA, music and interface prototyping with Makey Makey, electronic jewelry, video-game creation, 3d design, and soldering.