Stefania Druga - Global team lead                                       


Stefania is a former Googler and graduated from an international Erasmus Mundus master of Media Engineering for Education (France, Spain, Portugal). In the summer of 2012 she was also the Education Teaching Fellow at Singularity University where she advised and coached 80 students from 36 countries. As a former Google employee Stef has experience in web search infrastructure and international open education programs. In 2011-2012 she created invention labs for kids in Paris and Cambodia. She can’t stop building and inventing things!



Lynn loves to make things by hand, likes children, feels happy to play with children. She worked as a product manager in a toy company (MelissaanDoug.Inc), 5 years experience in new toy product developing. Now Lynn is engaging in finding new ways to improve education in teenagers. 

She has participated in initial trainings and workshops in schools in Shenzen in January 2014 and is currently preparing a new series of mentor trainings in collaboration with Chaihuo Makerspace. 

She also translated the organizer kit in Chinese and is main responsible for local chapter.

Bobi Rakova - Sofia team lead                                    


Bobi is passionate about technology and innovation and has a big crush on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. She has a background in Computer Science and is an active contributor to the DIY community. She is currently working on a prototyping platform called Agilart that allows people with no technical backround to program microcontrollers. Bobi believes that anything is possible and there are no limits to the immense possibilities of the today’s technologies. She loves to create tools that allow people from different backgrounds to work together, create together, and change the world!


Archy - Singapore team lead

Archy is one of our youngest mentors, 18 years old self-taught programmer who decided to lead HacKIDemia chapter in Singapore for teenagers after participating as a mentor in the last holidays workshops. He is currently planning new trainings and workshops and developping new web making workshops

Roxana Rugina - Romania team

Roxana Rugina is a technologist and communication expert engaged in social and disruptive innovation. She is passionate about new technology, remix culture and innovation in education. Her working experience with NGOs, international companies, governmental institutions, agencies and startups brought her to France. Enrolled in the first promo of she has been learning Ruby & Ruby on Rails for 6 months. Today she is managing various web projects and mobile applications. On the long term she believes that everyone should learn how computers work and how we can use technology to build new businesses. Her entrepreneurial drive determined her to move to Cluj, where she co-founded Simplon IT, the Romanian branch of the French startup ( After 6 years of experience in web, marketing and communication, she wants to help more people and children to learn how to code, develop digital & entrepreneurial skills to solve real problems with long term positive impact on societies.  Roxana is currently maintaining the website in Romanian.

Roberto dos Reis Alvarez - Brazil team lead 


Roberto loves kids and has participated in Hackidemia workshops at San Jose Technical Museum when he was a student at Singularity University.  Afterwards he decided to support and bring the project to Brazil and has assembled a team of collaborators all across the country. 

He is a Civil Engineer, he was trained in Quality Control and Productivity Technique in Japan and holds Ms.C. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering.