This workshop is about the basic elements in microelectronics. We will explore most straightforward and easy to use elements that everybody can easily set up and play with even at home!

Depending on You and how much you know we adapt the content to give the first next step to finding out more about electronics! Don't be afraid – once you get the basics you just have to follow the steps. It keeps getting more and more interesting. From programming an LED to be on every time you push a button to programming a count down LCD timer – anything is possible!

General Objectives:

  • learn what is a protoboard and how does it work?
  • discover by playing basic concepts about electricity and micro-electronics
  • discover what is the microcontroller and how it can be programed

The participants will:

  • understand the basic  concepts of micro-electronics in the context of circuit assembly 
  • understand the basics steps intro hardware programing 
  • be able to build their own circuit with a microcontroller and learn how to program it


  • Introduce the concept of electricity and the basic microelectronic parts 
  • Show sample  projects
  • Review design processes for the first circuit
  • Explore the microcontroller programing interface
  • Create first prototype
  • Program and remix set-up 
  • Share and discuss creations

You’ll need:

  • 1x Microcontroller
  • 1x mini-protoboard
  • 4x 630K ohm resistors
  • 4xLED
  • 4x 10nf capacitors
  • Protoboard cables
  • Screwdriver with cross head
  • A wire cutting plier
  • 1x9v Battery