Fruits Superpowers

Hackidemia workshops in Budapest 2013

Hackidemia workshops in Budapest 2013

Fruits Superpowers

Electrical resistivity describes how much a certain material resists electrical flow. Every material has an associated resistivity, which is constant. Conductors, such as copper have a low resistivity, while insulators, such as glass, have a high resistivity. Resistivity is an important property of any electrical object because it directly relates to the resistance, which relates to Ohm’s law. Ohm’s law relates voltage, current and resistance, making if a powerful and unifying equation describing the behavior of all electrical circuits.

This workshop would include hands on experiments explaining the interesting properties of different fruits and materials and how they can be used to generate electricity.

General Objectives:

  • learn what are the different materials properties and how we measure them
  • discover by playing basic concepts about resistivity
  • discover how we can generate electricity with fruits and other materials

The participants will:

  • understand the basic  concepts of resistivity in the context of circuit assembly with fruits
  • understand the basics  chemical reactions that lead to increase conductivity
  • be able to build their own circuit with fruits and light-up an led powered by them 


  • Introduce the concept of electricity and resistance
  • Show sample  projects and talk about different materials
  • Review design processes for the first circuit made with fruits
  • Test and measure conductivity of different materials
  • Create first prototype of a fruits circuit that can light-up an led
  • Prototype  and remix set-up 
  • Share and discuss creations

You’ll need:

  • 4x 630K ohm resistors
  • 4xLED
  • 10x aligator wires
  • Coill cable or foil 
  • Protoboard cables
  • A wire cutting plier
  • 1x Voltmetter