Sketching with Electronics

Using a new formulation of conductive silver ink we will explore electronics, circuits, sensing, while drawing on paper. We will learn the basics of electronics design – and then let kids design their electric drawings. We will learn about printed circuit boards - what they are and the basics of how they work.

Here we will dive deeper into:

  • What is a conductor? What materials can be used as a conductor?
  • Circuits and creating simple circuits to light up LEDs
  • Creating a circuit with the ink
  • Drawing all kinds of circuits on paper

An electronic a circuit is a continuous loop through which electricity can travel. Our circuits all have a power source, and for our purposes this will be a coin cell battery. Additionally, circuits can have outputs, such as lights and motors. As we design a circuit, our goal is to guide the electricity out of the battery, through any output components (like lights), and then back to the battery. Learn more in the details section.