Video Game Programming


In this workshop participants are introduced to computational creation with the Scratch programming environment by viewing a collection of sample projects and engaging in an exploratory, hands-on experience by designing collaborative narratives.

General Objectives:

  • introduce kids and parents/teachers to programing
  • discover by playing computational concepts

The participants will:

  • understand the concept of computational creation, in the context of Scratch
  • understand the benefits of remixing while designing
  • be able to create a Scratch project that tells a story by building on the work of others


  • Introduce the concept of computational creation and the Scratch environment
  • Show sample Scratch projects
  • Review design processes
  • Explore the Scratch interface
  • Create creature characters
  • Collaboratively create Scratch story projects through remixing
  • Share and discuss creations

You’ll need:

  • Collection of sample projects
  • Design! notebooks! (may be digital)
  • Resources library items (Scratch cards, etc.)
  • Blank paper (approximately 8.5” by 11”), folded into thirds
  • Things to sketch with